Prof Sam Sampson: NRF SARChI Chair in Mycobactomics, DST/NRF Centre of Excellence in Biomedical Tuberculosis Research, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Stellenbosch. 2024

Linda is an engaging presenter who is very passionate about her topics. She created a safe space for engagement and discussion. It was time well spent.

Jewell Wilkens, Learning Facilitator, Biovac Institute, 2021

With reference to your program, 4IR Skillset – Communication and Foundation course, we enrolled a total of 12 newly graduated interns in February 2021. These interns were placed on an internship within our organisation and it was evident from past experience that there is a lack of corporate culture understanding within this level of employee.  After attending your program, the feedback from line managers and the interns has been absolutely overwhelming.  Feedback includes: Interns are actively participating within their respective teams when it comes to problem solving. They have a mature level of confidence. They are keen to get involved and ask questions when unsure. They are open to sharing innovative ideas with their line managers and team members. This is something that has not been prevalent in previous intakes. I would like to thank you for your time and effort and will definitely make this a standing arrangement for our annual intake of interns and learners.

Lorraine Viljoen, Export Co-Ordinator at Stettyn Wynkelder, 2022

We cannot escape the demanding requirements in our daily works or personal life. It tends to take a lot of our energy and leave us frustrated and discouraged. Learning life -and mind-changing skills with Twenty20Science gave me an A-class outlook on effective listening to communicate with emotional intelligence, beginning a significant change in my workplace and at home. Life is different if you have the tools and skills to pass life with flying colours! Thank you!

Antonio Adonis, director at Startup Grind, Stellenbosch, 2022

This course is a great overview of diversity and inclusion. The processes for dialogue regarding sensitive topics have a positive narrative to systematically make changes in your personal and professional life. While I highly recommend this course for scholars, college students and professionals working with people, I personally found this course useful beyond that stage in helping me identify best practices to improve my own work. Personally, I thank this course for finally convincing me to routinely use the skills developed to managed people and difficult situations

Mark Daitz, Managing Director, Dampmen, 2021

Dampmen is a medium sized company active in the building industry. I recently sent our admin manager and site supervisors to the Communication Foundation course offered by Twenty20Science.  Close to a month has passed since the completion of the course, and I have been following their respective progress in our organization. Without any doubt they all use the techniques learned, daily, to their great advantage, they have become their own people with their own voices. This has benefitted not only the individuals, but the people who they interact with and the company as a whole. All of my expectations have been surpassed. I cannot recommend this course highly enough – it’s simply fantastic!

A/Prof. GM Davison: HOD Biomedical Sciences, Faculty Health and Wellness Sciences, CPU, 2021

During the last quarter of 2020 Ms. Linda de Waal presented the Twenty20Science course and its objectives to the Department of Biomedical Sciences. The aim of the course is to provide both students and academic staff with the skills to enhance the employability of graduates. The Department has embarked on a program of transformation which includes broadening our teaching skills to being more inclusive and to provide students with more than just content knowledge, but also attributes that will promote employability, diversity and a sense of community. It was felt that a course such as this would provide an excellent grounding for us to achieve these objectives, and as HOD, I committed part of the 2021 training budget to fund at least 10 staff to attend. Four lecturers attended the first course and came back very motivated and excited. They all felt that they had not only learnt a lot, but that the course was something our senior students should do before going out into the laboratories and seeking employment. The course was well presented, very interactive and provided a safe space for attendees to express themselves.

Participant Opinions – What stood out about the programme

” I’d like to thank you for everything that you’ve taught us within a short space of time we’ve learned a lot and we promise to apply the knowledge and spread it as well. I believe that with this course the world can change for the better. I Sitsheke”

“Wonderful and inspiring workshop with invaluable insight and information! Testing the boundaries of our thought process is always instrumental in achieving critical thinking, definitely going to work on my Emotional Intelligence too”

“It was really an incredible experience and allowed for self-reflection and both personal and professional growth”

“I have learnt it is ok to have an opinion and not just accept what you are told or taught”

The workshop was an eye-opening experience, providing us with the necessary knowledge and skills for grad students like myself who intend on transitioning from graduate school and seeking to get into a workspace environment. I, personally, enjoyed being in such a space and networking with my peers. 

“I honestly learnt so much and am equipped with a lot of skills. It challenged me to think differently and not ignore my ideas. I was really encouraged to realise the potential I have and ultimately how to effectively listen better and think constructively”

“The workshops made me reexamine my biases, reignited my critical thinking abilities, and built my confidence in terms of my own knowledge and ability to contribute meaningfully to complex conversations”

“Learning how to ask questions to get the desired outcome stood out, as it is very applicable to all areas of life”

Today was a good day. I enjoyed the section on unconscious bias & microaggression, it was helpful because sometimes people can make your life miserable

“Thank you for providing me with this course. It was filled with inspiration, motivation and it was extremely interactive, not for one day but the entire course. I can say it has made me comfortable with interacting and presenting in front of a crowd. I would like to thank Twenty20Science again and more specifically, to Linda and Athenkosi”

Discussing microaggression & unconscious bias was very interesting and an eye-opener to be more observant & assertive. Loved listening to everybody’s stories.

“The content is very educational. How I wish you could be invited by all higher education institutions every year to share this content, more especially with the soon to be graduates post graduate students.”

Constructing solutions to problems which also included being able to negotiate and come to an agreement with the opposition

“Listening skills, to be aware of bias when in discussions and negotiations and problem solving. Bringing all the skills together to improve yourself and your worth in the workplace”

“I truly appreciate the opportunity to engage in groupwork and share thoughts and ideas with other participant. The workshop was highly informative, and I believe the skills and insights gained will be invaluable moving forward”

Criticism and Criticize section. Not only does it apply to work environments but also into one’s personal life. I will be using that information a lot