Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills

This holistic 4-day workshop targets students, graduates and employees who require upskilling of their 4IR toolbox – interpersonal, critical thinking & effective communication skills.  The modular nature allows tailor-making to participant requirement. Shorter options are available depending on the identified need – optimal growth in a short period of time. A holistically structured, robust program that focusses on transdisciplinary work readiness. Accreditation: Service SETA: Achieve personal effectiveness in business environment NQF 4, Credits 6 | 4CPD SACNASP | 3CEU HPCSA


  • Essence of communication – audience, message, context and listening
  • Essentials of verbal, non-verbal and written communication
  • Teamwork skills i.e., problem solving, negotiation & conflict resolution
  • Foundation in critical thinking and presentation skills
  • Guidance on career basics such as asking, pitching and presenting
  • Skills to manage employers and colleagues’ expectations
  • Exposure to entrepreneurial thought processes
  • Engagement in leadership development qualities
  • Being able to recognize assumptions, bias and micro-aggression

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (DIB) speak to an approach of promoting and implementing inclusive practices in the workplace. Diversity relates to the bouquet of demographic identities within teams – amongst others it can be age, disability, nationality, ethnicity, race, skin tone, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic background. Inclusion is creating a (corporate) culture or structure that encourages diverse group members to equal participation and recognition in the workplace.

This growth catalyst 4-day workshop combines effective communication, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and interpersonal skills to address diversity, inclusion and a sense of belonging in the workplace. The outcome is an approach of strength finding and a celebration of differences, negating the negative impact of unconscious bias, microaggressions and assumptions. Participants formulate short/long-term growth and development goals, to foster a sustainable inclusive workplace culture. This equates to a positive employee experience, leading to an increase in discretionary effort and growth for the organization. Service SETA accreditation: Manage Diversity in the workplace, NQF 5, Credits 14

Technical Proficiency

This 3-5day workshop is an excellent way for participants to acquire new skills or continue developing existing skills. The focus is on work readiness, growth and development. The core of this option is the Communication & Interpersonal skills program with an added technical component. These workshops are tailormade to the industry partner or tertiary institute’s field of interest. Technical areas could include disciplines such data analytics and bioinformatics. All participants receive a certificate of completion.

Technical Training Partnerships, coupled to Internships

The strength of a T20S workshops is that it can be tailormade to requirements as identified by a tertiary institute or an industry partner. The foundation is a Technical Proficiency workshop, which addresses the identified soft and hard skills gaps in the participants’ toolbox. The course content will be designed in collaboration with the partnering institutes and designated specialists, coupled to an internship at an industry collaborator.