About Us


Twenty20Science (T20S) is a collection of like-minded individuals, from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, with a common goal – to assist workplace entrants & employees in acquiring vital skills required for career advancement opportunities. In this context we play a key role in matching youth/employee skill sets to employer needs, through close collaboration with industry. We are a SACNASP recognized training company and Service SETA accredited: Achieve personal effectiveness in a business environment (NQF 4, 6 credits) & Manage Diversity in the workplace (NQF 5, Credits 14)


Successful youth employability depends on education, technical experience and job readiness. Technical proficiency does not automatically equate to job readiness. There is a growing sense of urgency to adopt Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies, that include artificial intelligence, robotics and data analytics in business and education. According to the World Economic Forum, indispensable 4IR employees are those with transdisciplinary skillsets.i The latter include problem solving, self-management, working with people and 4IR technology. Effective communication, critical thinking & interpersonal skills are therefore imperative for career and personal advancement and should be in the toolbox of all who wish to prosper in the 21st century.  Soft skills have evolved into power skills.


Our transformational workshops focus on inclusive 4IR workspace requirements such as self-management, relationship management, teamworking and leadership capabilities, critical thinking, negotiation, problem solving, conflict resolution and cognitive flexibility.  


T20S offers tailormade workshops, created for groups from different academic levels and in different spheres of employment across all sectors. We have a guided, peer learning approach to support participants as individuals and in groups with activities to address life and work-related issues. Providing a safe space for exploring and expressing (new) concepts and ideas.

[i] https://ssrn.com/abstract=3225331